Since the company was founded the motorsports competition is part of the DNA of MICHELIN. And wherever the brand participated in, their partners reached victories and titles.

The first victory for MICHELIN was on two wheels – and without engine: 1891, the brothers Edouard and André Michelin equipped the racing cyclist Charles Terront for the 1,200-kilometer non-stop race Paris-Brest-Paris with their revolutionary removable pneumatic tires. The marathon cyclists won the race with a gap of nine hours. 1895 for the first time a racing car started in the race Paris-Bordeaux-Paris with tires from MICHELIN – the prelude to an unprecedented series of successes in almost all motorsport categories around the globe.

Since these pioneering days, the philosophy of MICHELIN always remained the same: ‘Motorsport with its extreme conditions is the ideal testing ground for innovations. Hardly anything is driving technological progress forward as strong as the feedback from the track to the standard products.

As real “Racer”, the specialists in the racing division Michelin Competition have a further impulse: they want to win. And therefore demonstrate the efficiency of premium products from MICHELIN.

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