Last weekend the second racing event in the UK took place for Rinaldi Racing. The second run of the Blancpain Endurance Series on the long-established circuit in Silverstone. Also present the Ferrari 488 GT3 with the starting number 333 with Alexander Mattschull, Rinat Salikhov, and Daniel Keilwitz. They started in the ProAm class. On the sister car with the starting number 488, Pierre Ehret and Rino Mastronardi shared the work behind the steering wheel in the Am class.

Already in the practice sessions on Friday and Saturday, the drivers could get used to the track under changing conditions. The lap times and the speed were good and the team was well prepared for the qualifying.

On Sunday morning, the qualifying started. The starting number 333 drove good lap times in the first two sessions. In the third qualifying session, Daniel Keilwitz qualified the Italian racing car on a very good third place in the ProAm class and a tenth position overall. A good starting basis for the race. Also, the Ferrari with the starting number 488 reached a good qualifying result with the second place in Am class for the three hours race.

On Sunday afternoon, the 55 racing cars started into the race. Daniel Keilwitz had a very good start and overtook two cars. With very good passing maneuvers, he moved forward until the fourth position overall. Also, he claimed the lead of the ProAm class. Pierre Ehret kept his position in the Am class and gained some position until the pit stop.

In the second stint, Rinat Salikhov switched to the #333. Due to a safety car, they lost some positions and had to move forward again from the seventh position in ProAm. The #488 could make the most of the safety car because it was released just before on track. So immediately Pierre Ehret went to the pits for his stop and handed over the car to Rino Mastronardi. For this reason, he took the lead in the Am class. Due to good lap times, he defended his position and extended his gap on the other cars.

On the next pit stop, Rinat Salikhov handed over the car to Alexander Mattschull. Unfortunately, the team had to take back the car to the garage due to adverse conditions. So the race was over for the #333. Different case for the #488. Rino Mastronardi passed over the car to Pierre Ehret to drive the last stint. Ehret kept the lead until the end of the race and reached the win in the Am class with a gap of one lap on the runner-up.

Michele Rinaldi: „This was a mixed racing weekend. We are very satisfied with the win of the Am class with Pierre Ehret and Rino Mastronardi. The result of the sister car was not the result we hoped for, although the performance of the drivers was really good. For the next race, we will attack again and fight for the podium.“

Next week, Rinaldi Racing will start at the 24 hours race at the Nürburgring. The week after the third run of the Blancpain Sprint Series will take place in Zolder.