Future comes from ability – under this motto more than 3000 young craftsmen have started into the 68th competition year of the German handicraft. The aim: to show their professional excellence, their passion for their craft and their ability in the competition.

The best graduates of the journeyman’s examination at the guild level were nominated for the competition, who then carried out the qualification for the state competitions in the chamber decision. The best of the four Chambers of Crafts in the country took part.

Each federal state sent its state winners, who had to solve various problems from everyday workshop life throughout the day under time pressure. For Rhineland-Palatinate Christian Schneider was at the start, who completed his training as a car mechatronics technician at Rinaldi Racing in 2019.

In the end, Christian Schneider was able to assert himself against his competitors and was crowned the best mechatronics mechanic in Germany.

We say congratulations!